Buying Art


Amazingly enough, I am always open to requests to buy my various creations. Unless labeled as *SOLD* in some fashion there’s a chance I can rummage through my stacks of stuff and pull it out for someone who’s interested in the original – all that is required to start is to inquire! I’ll let you know if I can find it or still possess it and we’ll negotiate from there.


You see a piece of art you like that you’d want a print of, that I don’t currently offer through the usual channels? Want something with a more personal touch such as being hand signed or matted personally by the artist? Such things are within the realm of possibility – you just have to ask. :3 I can’t promise I have high res images of everything I make that’d be suitable for printing, but asking costs nothing.


These are something I do sparingly and would charge a lot for, simply because my time and energy is precious, but with the right pitch I might take interest in your project so who knows? I’ll be as courteous as possible even with requests I ultimately have to decline.


You can use the contact form on this site or poke julia.grammer on Gmail if you wish to discuss any of these things, or more!