The Gamer – Xeroxed Animus

I’ve honestly been a gamer long before I was ever called “Xeroxed Animus”, having started with the original Nintendo Entertainment System back when I basically was first able to hold a controller. My presence as a gamer on the Internet however started still very long ago in the 90’s (damn that really dates me, doesn’t it?). FanaFox, Fana McCloud, Fana – whichever one chose to call me back then it was all based in my love for Star Fox 64. Yeah I don’t know how I managed to completely bypass the original game, but the first time I played on the N64 demo machine at the local Toys ‘R Us I was spellbound and completely hooked. Star Fox 64 was my entire life on the Internet for a long while, but then other things caught my interest and likewise faded out again when they got old. I could list the highlights but I don’t want to bore you. The only constant seemed to and continues to be video games as a whole.

So fast-forward years, and after studying tons of art in college and spending time working on taking care of myself and someone else who needed me, I find myself in an existential rut and ready to move on. Back to school I go, but for more sciencey endeavors because apparently the world needs more people like that. School, however, is not enough. I had already been playing lots of Elder Scrolls Online because I loved the universe since TES3: Morrowind, but I was getting burnout. And I knew if I tried to do another MMO that’d spell doom for getting anything done class-wise, but I needed the social aspect desperately. Enter watching game streamers and finally getting a bright idea – even if I can’t commit to the highly social online games, I can still STREAM whatever I can and want to play and chat it up with viewers. Cause I mean as fun as watching others play can be, I still need to play myself every once in awhile. It was something I was already doing – playing games – and streaming it wouldn’t take that much more effort. I could even put my artistic skills to work for overlays, videos, and whatnot. Win-win.

And that’s how I got where I am now, streaming on Mixer and making videos for Youtube. If we’re both entertained, then mission accomplished. If I can do more with it, then I’ll be in even a better place and certainly my viewers will be too!

As for the origin of the name “Xeroxed Animus”, well, that’s another story entirely that I’ll be sure to blog about for you all.