About the Art

If you’ve taken a gander over at the “About Julia” page you probably already know something about my influences in broad strokes. But what about the processes? Favorite artists? Favorite pizza topping? (The answer is that I love almost all toppings! Seriously, making me choose like that…) Well never fear, answers are here!


I like dabbling in all sorts of media, including mixing them together, so the answers to this are many.

Digital Art

To start, sometimes I sketch something neat in my sketchbook and scan it into my computer, sometimes I sketch things out completely digitally using my Wacom Inutos tablet, and sometimes I just make something whole cloth and impromptu in this neat program called Alchemy and the result is usually very surreal. But in the former two cases, once I have a basic sketch in place I paint or trace like a madwoman depending on the style I’m going for. When I paint it’s in a program called MyPaint because it’s the closest to natural real world painting I can get for $0, but it works pretty darned well despite being the poor man’s option, seriously.